Extracurricular Events gets Upgrade

Students of the ACQ College of Ministries went abuzz over new extracurricular activities that were launched following the declaration of the new batch of Supreme Student Government or SSG Officers.

On the third week of the first semester, upgraded recreational clubs were introduced to help students develop not just hidden talents but also enhance their linguistic skills.

All bible school students were given the freedom to choose which clubs would better suit and shape them up in their respective fields of ability. Through this, every student will definitely progress and develop the leaders within them.

Groups such as the Toastmasters Club will help boost individual confidence in the context of speaking for promising public speakers and writers.

The Kingdom Theater Arts Club on the other hand will enhance potential students in the field of performing arts.

The Music club aims to develop your musical side and produce talented musicians, singers and instrumentalists.

The Sports Club also aims to develop a vigorous and healthy lifestyle among all the Bible School students through dynamic activities that develop teamwork, unity and camaraderie.

And for the record, a Spanish class was also created to prepare and develop future leaders who will prove themselves worthy to help harvest and conquer the Hispanic world.

This year’s curriculum guarantees total spiritual understanding, exciting activities, and military discipline for complete physical, mental and spiritual training. A definite quality training that will produce exemplary leaders for the field harvest around the world.

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