The Clash of Books and Computers

Eager students flock into internet cafés and devote their whole weekly allowance for hours of temporary entertainment and social networking. One can compare the number of students astonishingly entering an internet café. They don’t care standing or sharing seats just to behold the war-themed playoffs. While library doors seldom get opened, internet cafes get brimming with minors who just escaped from classes.

What happened to the ancient sources of wisdom called books? Since the olden times, these were the most sought out sources of knowledge. But now that technology has found a way in this world, people almost forget that there were books before computers, before laptops, before cellphones, and IPods. They prefer one word search engines than rich and vivid works. They don’t realize that through literature, one can travel the world and learn hidden facts that make you appreciate the things formed by our Creator. Though these machines are useful what makes it useless are the users.

School year 2014-2015 for the ACQ College of Ministries has just begun. Old students, new faces, bigger challenges, an upgraded library and deeper spiritual studies with more practical application ahead. All hands are full on the first semester. And an upgraded library is just the best place to accomplish the much needed research other than a full computer lab. Learning through written literature is way more effective than depending on machines. Don’t get it wrong, computers also contribute to learning but books contribute more. It enhances your vocabulary and verbal abilities making you both competent and confident to get an excellent rating for that practical exhortation or report. You get deeper understanding and knowledge than depending on those search engines which may lead you elsewhere. In the library, one often finds people close their mouths and open their minds.So coordinators and ministers, see you at the library!

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