ACQ CM Students Undergo Physical and Mental Training

They were running, shouting, marching… vivacity was everywhere. The KJC compound was filled with excitement and optimism. Another wave of full time miracle workers was chosen to undergo the basic military training.

Before the sun rises, they altogether prayed for devotional. Then they would have their military formation by platoons. They had their daily dose of army dozen before they eat their meals. Each time they enter the mess hall, the place becomes noisy, sometimes cadets chant, quack like a duck and moo like a cow. It is a queer process that makes them snappy, loyal, responsible, accountable, disciplined and obedient sons  and daughters of our Almighty Father. This will practice everyone’s strong anticipation, mental alertness, patience and endurance.

By their love in doing the Almighty Father’s will, they have survived the training. They got all the willingness to make all these sacrifices just to be prepared physically and mentally. They were trained to perform without reservations so in return, there would be no room for cowardice. Thankfulness is their language, not complaints.

If they fail to do the commands, there are corresponding punishments so they would stay alert and awake. And who would forget the sturdy paddle that will motivate their physical conditioning every day and the paradise of Allah that will discipline them the most. [Paradise of Allah is the gangrenous pool that they ever saw.] The training programs are scientifically and psychologically designed to change their civilian mentality into Kingdom mentality. The cadets are being prepared to become the armies of goodness that will invade this world. That was a new challenge, like nothing they had experienced before. This massive training indeed sharpened the mind of the future Defenders of the Throne.

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