ACQ CM Students’ Fad Saturday

The Bible School students of the ACQ- CM had a chance to relieve the pressure and stress of being a student when they were given the opportunity to showcase their never-before-seen talents last Friday, June 29. Every year level worked out their creativity and seasoned their humorous acts for a presentation aimed to make everyone exercise their laugh boxes.

As accustomed to, the students started the day with an early morning devotional and almost immediately followed by a “taebo” workout that made every body sweat their flab’s out. It was such an exhilarating day for all the students since it was the first get-together activity in the first month of the semester. The program started after a prayer and soon after, everyone were dancing with the tune of joyful choruses sang by endowed members of the music club.

Before long, the special presentations commenced with the sophomores first presenting in multi-racial tongues with their comical endorsements. The special class on the other hand showed off their musical side with their ladies ensemble while the ministers endorsed their much required hair-growing product. The next were the seniors with their witty dance moves and environment-friendly products. They were followed by the hilarious presentation of the third year class presenting their very own merchandise that can reverse any appearance problem. And finally the first year class displayed their raw talents through a humorous show led by some class comedians.

In the early afternoon, an ACQ-CM Quest was also held in search for much needed ideal voices and budding musicians who would

shape up the whole music club and the school’s very own choral group . All aspirants crooned their favorite kingdom songs while some dis-played their skills on playing the guitar, violin, drums and piano. Fulfilling the quest, surprising new talents emerged and stood out.

A day of recreation and entertainment paved way for newly discovered talents. For almost a month of tuning and struggling to cope up arduous tasks, it was a pressure relieving day. This culminating activity is just one of the projects of the newly established Supreme Student Government led by elected officers of the different year levels. This is just the start, let us look forward for more activities that would enhance our physical, mental and most of all spiritual knowledge to be used for the Father’s Kingdom glory.


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