ACQ CM Students Undergo Physical and Mental Training

They were running, shouting, marching... vivacity was everywhere. The KJC compound was filled with excitement and optimism. Another wave of full time … [Read more...]

2014 Academic Year Kicks off

I thank the Almighty Father for this year of the Meteoric Rise of Millions of Sons and Daughters, especially the 20,000 ACQ Army of Goodness that will … [Read more...]

The Clash of Books and Computers

Eager students flock into internet cafés and devote their whole weekly allowance for hours of temporary entertainment and social networking. One can … [Read more...]

ACQ CM Students’ Fad Saturday

The Bible School students of the ACQ- CM had a chance to relieve the pressure and stress of being a student when they were given the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Extracurricular Events gets Upgrade

Students of the ACQ College of Ministries went abuzz over new extracurricular activities that were launched following the declaration of the new batch … [Read more...]