Facilities, Student Services, Student Benefits


All students are covered by a group accident insurance policy twenty four (24) hours a day from the start of classes in June to the end of the present school year in March. To claim benefits, parents are requested to present official receipts of expenses incurred.

Guidance Services

  1. Individual Analysis / Inventory – aims at gathering data through organized record of information regarding the student’s socio-economic-demographic-education-cultural background, intellectual and academic status, interviews, anecdotal records and  autobiography.
  2. Orientation and Information – seeks to give important information regarding the school, its vision, mission and goals, rules and other related matters which will aid to facilitate adjustment and feeling of belongingness among the students.
  3. Counseling
  4. Service to Parents and Teachers – provides information, consultation and counseling service including in-service training to faculty and staff regarding guidance and other related issues. Parents / guardians are welcome for consultations and conferences to gain better understanding regarding their son’s / daughter’s problems.

Medical/Dental Services

First aid treatment on emergency medical-dental case is extended by a full-time nurse/doctor every day. The students are given the following services:

  1. Free annual medical check up to be held in the school on a scheduled date.
  2. Free dental prophylaxis and tooth extraction once a year.

Library Services

Library Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:00am – 5:00 pm. (No Noon Break)

Speech Laboratory

Property Custodian Services

School Gymnasium (JMC)