Vision, Mission and Core Values


The ACQ-College of Ministries…”shall be among the leading institutions in Theology and Ministry in the Philippines, and the world, anchored on quality education and on strong instruction, theological formation, research and missionary work. It shall produce men and women in the Kingdom who are called to leadership roles such as ministers, administrators, theologians, evangelical media specialists and missionaries of the highest order.


To train men and women through a balanced academic theological/spiritual formation program by effective instruction, and to develop leaders modeled after the Appointed Son of God, possessing spiritual knowledge, and wisdom, and practical skills needed in the establishment KLCs in its global mission.

Core Values

The College’s core values include life transformation through spiritual ministries focusing in the love of God and love of fellowmen, as well as excellence, loyalty, discipline, hard work, honesty, industry, integrity, professionalism, and unity. Students are imbibed with the words of the Son and are trained in hands-on application of wisdom from the Almighty Father with actual demonstration and close monitoring by faculty members. Establishing the kingdom sentinels all over the world, the solidarity of the spiritual family, and spiritual leadership are also taught as modeled by the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.